RevitalPro is the all-in-one solution for cardiac resuscitation guidance and documentation.

Mobile. HIPAA compliant. EHR integrated.

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Key Features

  • Mobile Client

    Not a stationary EHR workstation.

  • Fully HIPAA Compliant

    Secure capture, storage, and transmission of patient data.

  • Instant On

    Open RevitalPro and begin using immediately.

  • Compatible With Any EHR

    Seamless integration into any system with Code blue patient records immediately available after the event.

  • Intuitive

    Easy to use and requires minimal training.

  • Quality Improvement Dashboard and Reports

    Easily track and analyze your code blue team performance.

  • Helps Improve Real-Time Care

    Timers and safety alerts based on published resuscitation guidelines.

  • Automated Reporting to Registries

    Discrete data available for automatic reporting to registries such as the American Heart Association GWTG-R, in CodeBlue IQ.

  • High Level of Accuracy

    Time stamping of all recorded procedures and medications.

  • Instantaneous Record for Review and Debriefing.

    Chart is immediately available for patient hand-off to receiving team.

No more missing records.

No more paper transcription, missing data, and stress.

Our clinician-designed interface guides your team through the chaos of a cardiac arrest event.

Use robust data analytics tools in CodeBlue IQ to track your resuscitation performance.

RevitalPro’s metronome, timers, alerts, and calculators help improve communication and team situational awareness.

Save time using data export and simplified registry reporting.

Security & Compliance

RevitalPro is fully HIPAA compliant. Data is fully encrypted during storage and transmission.

RevitalPro instantaneously creates a comprehensive electronic patient record in PDF format. In addition, discrete data is stored in a SQL database in CodeBlue IQ.
The records are securely transmitted to and stored on fully HIPAA compliant servers.
Code blue records are placed into patient files within the EHR. The records and discrete data can be accessed via web browser in CodeBlue IQ.