Welcome Navigator Trainees!

This site is for those starting their journey to become a RevitalPro Navigator.  Navigators are re-imagined resuscitation recorders.  They use RevitalPro to guide the code team through a cardiac arrest event.  They are responsible for announcing alerts from the RevitalPro device and capturing the patient record.  Navigators also ensure signatures are collected and that the patient record submits to the EHR.

Below is a snapshot of your overall training.  It will be in three parts.  The first section will be completed on this webpage, and completing the three online modules below are prerequisites for in-person training.  The second and third sections will be scheduled by your organization’s RevitalPro trainers. Once you’ve successfully completed all three sections, you’ll be able to use RevitalPro in actual resuscitation events with patients.

Online Training (Prerequisite for In-Person Training)

Step 1: Complete the Introductory Module 

Complete the introductory module below without interruption.  The module is 29 minutes, and a RevitalPro device is required in order to complete it.  We recommend expanding the video to full screen.  To do so, press the four arrows in the bottom right corner of the video clip below.  Note:  This module will review pediatric settings.  Even if you don’t provide care for pediatric patients, we want you to be aware of some features, and everything you’ll practice will apply to the adult setting.


Step 2: Review the End Code Process

After completing the Introductory Module, watch how to review, edit, sign and submit a patient record. This module is short and sweet (only 2.5 mins) so feel free to come back to re-watch if you need a refresher down the road.


Step 3: View the Patient and Quality Improvement Records

After reviewing the end code process, check out the two different records RevitalPro generates: the patient record and the quality improvement record. The patient record is transmitted to your EHR, and the QI record is available for an immediate post-code debrief, or can be accessed later in CodeBlue IQ.



Once you’ve completed the above three modules, you’re ready to schedule in-person training with a RevitalPro trainer!