RevitalPro Training Program

Providing care for patients experiencing cardiac arrests is critical and demanding work. Our most important goal for training and implementation is to enable code teams to provide better care for their patients.  In order to do that, Format Health provides various options for training, though we usually recommend the “Train the Trainer” (T3) model and process outlined below:

T3 Training Overview

T3 Training is for those that will train the Navigators within their organization.  Often times, they are clinical educators or might work closely with the resuscitation team or committee.  Select members of this group will also evaluate the performance of Navigators during the implementation phase of RevitalPro to eliminate training or operational barriers–with the ultimate goal of a successful adoption at the organization. The following graphic summarizes the content and responsibilities of a RevitalPro trainer:

T3 Trainer Roadmap


Navigator Training Overview

Navigators are the re-imagined resuscitation recorder on a code team.  Navigators use RevitalPro to help guide the team through a cardiac arrest event.  They are responsible for announcing alerts from the RevitalPro device and capturing the patient record.  Navigators also ensure signatures are collected and the patient record successfully submits to CodeBlue IQ and the EHR.  We recommend that this role is assigned each shift (either by geographic area or could be hospital-wide) to ensure that the team member functioning in this role is comfortable using the device in actual code events.  The following graphic summarizes the content in Navigator Training:

Navigator Training Roadmap

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